FS9 defect?

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The program shuts off shortly after selecting a flight and while sitting on the runway to take off.

The fatal error message mentions g2d.dll file. Also during loading of a flight and the scenery files (68%) an error comes up and it can't open a non-existant file. It will finish loading and then stops befor take off.

I have an athalon 1.5g processor, 256k ram, Nvidia gforce2 5200 128mg card with 5.16 drivers, a sound blaster pci 128 card with the latest drivers down loaded. I am using the new sidewinder joy stick.

I have changed video cards, updated drivers, picked up a new set of discs and the problem has not changed.

Microsoft has been no help at all. They suggested I update my video card from the gforce2 mx 200 32 mg card and that was done, but it did not help.

Any suggestions?

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I hope this helps, be careful with the BIOS.

harerton Guest


I have the same problem here and can't finf the solution.

BTW, caching and shadowing are disabled.

Any idea?



ve5jag Guest

I had a lpt of problems to make my side winder work. What happend is that the game stopped as soon as I tried to take off. I found that when I turned off the joystick forces, I HAD NO MORE PROBLEMS and could fly!!!!

some dude Guest

that article if for FS2000

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Doh! After reading a few articles it looks like it is both some of the scenery (Madera) and as the man said, the joystick.
Also reported for FS9 was the sound card drivers (problem). All you can do is to try each solution until you find the right one for you.
I would start with the sound card as long as you have the latest video card drivers. 👍


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