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hey everyone I have a few questions for thoes of you who have the level D 767. If I download it from there site, dose it come with a PDF Manual? Or do I have to buy it sepreatly? second How many passanger can it carry? I have FS Passangers and I would like to know how many passangers this plane can carry. third what liverys dose it come with? fourth, it says on the system requirments on there site that low end sound cards are not reccomended, I am building a new comp, and I didnt really plan on getting a 200 dollar sound card, there is a shop neer me they have a audigi sound card its like 20 bucks, would that be fine? or am I going to need to get a really good sound card to use this plane?


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Well I dont have here but...

1. Most payware planes come with a PDF manual but via Flight 1 you can get here with a printed manual in a package.
2. I am going to say in the high 200's to low 300's.
3. There are many liverys that you can download seperatly from certain sites.
4. I have add-ons that say you they don't recommend an onboard sound-card but my sounds are still perfect even with an onboard. So it would be your choice.

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