Where are the lessons?

Nick01 Guest

Hi all,

I'm new here, just installed FS2004 on Win7. Everything went fine, I can fly (or try to fly) all the different planes, but when I open the application and click on Flying Lessons, nothing happens. Same for Getting Started, or News.... What is happening Crying or Very sad Thanks.

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Nick01 Guest

Hmmm... I installed it on XP and I can see/access the lessons. That's so strange...I can fly on Win7, but not access some of the startup menu items.

Nick01 Guest

I finally got it, after hours of experimenting... The Lessons, Learning Center, Getting Started and News looked to me like they had frames that were loading and using some other application. That's what I could gather from looking at my working XP installation.

Eventually I wondered if those frames might use IE, and since I had IE beta 9 on my Win7 I figured I would go back to IE 8. I did, and now it works. Such a simple fix after hours of going crazy 🙄

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