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I want to make a repaint for the default FS2004 Baron 58. However, when I go into ...aircraft/beech_baron_58/Texture, the only BMP that I can open/view is prop_Baron which doesn't do me much good. The other 4 BMP's won't open. I've tried them on other computers, I've tried to have someone else send me their texture file, but still nothing. It seems as though every default aircraft's BMP won't open for me, however my payware BMPs do open.

Any thoughts?

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It sounds like the default texture are DXT3 and the payware 32bit 888-8

Download a programme called dxtbmp by martin wright

Load the texture and resave as a extended 32 bit 888-8

I think you'll find the default texture have no thumbnail and the payware ones you reffer to have a thumbnail

You cannot open a DXT 3 file without converting it first

You will need to resave it again as a 32 888-8 or DXT 3 when you finish to be able to see it in Flight sim


That worked! Thank you!

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