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Where do you have your joystick?

whitenack Guest

Hey guys,

Wanted to know where you have your joystick when you fly. Do you keep it up on the computer table in front of you, or down in your lap?

The reason I ask is because I did a lot of flying yesterday, and after my shoulder and neck muscles got real tired. This morning I woke up with a stiff neck from the muscles being so tense.

I just wondered if putting my joystick down in my lap, allowing my shoulders to relax, would help things.


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

When I fly, I have the stick on the table next to me. I've never had problems, because i can rest my arm on the armrest of my chair

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Table and my elbow is on my chair armrest. It won't be to steady in your lap.


Guest Ed Guest

Actually, I tend to keep it in my lap. I keep a clipboard my lap, holding my flight plan, and I set the joy stick on that. I tend to fly AP a lot, so it doesn't need to be steady, just accessable. I guess I steady it with my left hand when I'm doing any critical maneuvers. Works for me.

And by the way, I don't use rudder pedals, so that would make a lot of difference.


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Rambunctious First Officer

I actually made a little bracket for an armchair (with metal frame) that puts it right in the airbus position. it totally releives all shoulder strain!

I'll send a link to a pic if you're interested, but the main thing is getting a chair you can mountit on!

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

I started my flying on fs98 and I had a microsoft joystick. (It was small with no force feedback.) My next flight simulator was fs2002 (I now have fs2004) and then I got Logitech Wingman Stirke Force 3D Pro. This one is much bigger. It is about the size of the Microsoft Sidewinder joystick. Anyways, since I got a larger joystick, I now keep my joystick in my lap.


On my desk where my keyboard is which i can pull out, is where i have my joystick. I find this the best spot becuase i can postion my arm on the arm rest. If you dont have an arm rest your putting way to much pressure on your arm and will make it pretty hard to keep the airplane from moving.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

My set up is one of those PC tables with a pull out Keyboard Shelf... I moved the Keyboard however onto the top, in front of the monitor (there is plenty of space due to the flat screen monitor)... so I use the Keyboard shelf for just the Joystick and the mouse... The Joystick is dead central in the middle, so at least it feels a bit like a yoke.. and the mouse is to the left (I'm left handed).

But when the CH Yoke arrives (tomorrow plllllleeeeeaaassse!), that will take this central position and the Joystick will go off to the side for use with my A320s and A340s only.

I like the idea that others said about the arm rests - I have a real poverty seat at the moment with no arm rests so I also get aches and pains from this.

Good luck in finding a good, comfortable position - it's important!


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