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I have noted an error in compass indication. I was heading north in Venezuela and compass indicated dead southern heading. I than moved aircraft to the US and on rwy 4 at JFK the heading indicated 31? Similar error in Europe, at PRG sitiing on runway 31 indicated heading 25?

This all happened after I downloaded some Venezuela ad-on airports SVMI,SVFM,SVCS,SVMP and SVVA. Also during SVCS-SVMI flight when on AP heading lock the direction was changing by it self - aircraft turning to the right notch by notch?

Interenstingly, when I restarted the FS and initially placed aircraft to the US and then went to Venezuela the headings were correct.

I was not going crazy! Got lot of experience with FS.
Any help on what could be causing this would be much appreciated.
Thanks Peter

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