Where's my taxi arrows?

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Hi All,

Wondered if anybody could advise me on an issue on FSX that i'm experiencing. I have detail maxed out and a few add ons on my version of FSX (FSX traffic, Active Sky).

I used to be able to get the guidance arrows to the runway along the taxiways, but it appears to have disappeared.

Does anybody have any ideas as to why and how I can get this feature back? I'm just driving around the apron of the airport and can't find the correct runway.....


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By disappeared, I mean that when I select the option on the ATC window, the arrows don't appear...

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Are you running FSX on an older or low-end computer? It sounds like your graphics card is not up to the task -- maybe reducing the detail level might solve the problem?

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Also if you have installed some addon airports, sometimes the scenery will overlay the "arrows", they're still there but underneath your scenery.

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Just noticed this post is over a year old, that'll teach me Evil or Very Mad

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Yeah - it may be a year old but it happend to me recently - because I have just purchased FSX Gold and am trying it out on my new laptop.

I found that when I unticked the Preview DirectX10 checkbox I got my Taxi arrows back.

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