Help:Problem, Installed SP2 for FSX and black land textures!

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HI, I have installed FSX SP2 on my pc, which is not old, but new and running fsx happily with two screens and good frame rates, but since I have installed SP2 I am getting great looking sea and water graphics and textures but black land textures, especially when near land and underneath the aircraft! Please help! I have tried playing around with the settings moving the sliders to the left etc.... and also with DirectX10 which I turned off the preview due to some aircraft textures going black.

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First you load SP1 then SP2.
To be honest, SP2 can give you problems if it's installed on an older FSX.
The best way is to install it on a fresh FSX or like I did install Acceleration after you install FSX.
Acceleration has SP1 and SP2 built in and never causes problems.


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