AFS-Design Airbus A320 Family for FSX Problems

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hammerdag Trainee

I just purchased this and think it really sucks.

No GPWS callouts---says it has them.

Boeing over speed Shaker...concerns me that this package doesn't have true Airbus call outs.

Is there anyway to make the lady 1st officer disappear?

This package claims to have night lighting for the cockpit. It has FS98 panel lighting, this doesn't qualify as night lighting in 2014.

Are there any upgrades or fixes?? Thanks for any thoughts.

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Asverxy Guest

Sounds typical AFS Design to me, they truly are the worst payware company out there, it's not only their products but also the non existent support.

williamsambrook Guest

Hi, I can only agree with your comments and sentiments. This is without doubt the worst product I have ever purchased for FSX.

I was looking forward to using it but now it is stored away from the rest of my addons in case, there is any contamination.


Sam Sambrook ( not Mr Happy)

Felix Rojas Guest

i bought the a320 v3 and i desagree only with the part of the support, they gave me support even on sunday but there are things that could have been massevily done better. Textures and effects of doors are one example (they really suck), the fact that jetways totally ignores the plane is another one, another fact is that they announce all planes with vc.... And is a total lie (i bought the pack thinking that it was going to be like feelthere's embraer e-jets with vc and cabin in the same pack) they also didn't do a propper research of which airlines fly those planes, and the list goes on and on.... Overall i don't think it's that bad, it's just details (a lot honestly) that make flying this plane a crappy experience. 

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