PSS A320 and PSS A340 - Urgent TRIM tip !

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To all users of PSS A320 or A340,

Firstly apologies if this is total common sense that you're already aware of !

I was talking with someone about the PSS Airbus models, and in particular their 'hand flying' dynaimcs.

My friend commented that "They really bob around all over the place in take-off, it's so hard to keep the climb nice and steady"......


The PSS Airbus add-ons have a "self trimming" system that mimics the real Airbuses fly-by-wire control characteristics. This means that if you are at 10,000 feet and want to climb to 20,000 feet, you gently pull the sidestick back until you reach the desired climb angle, then you can gently release the sidestick and the plane will "auto trim" to keep that same vertical speed / climb rate - no manual trimming necessary.

The real Airbus doesn't technically "auto-trim" - The Sidestick is used to change "G-Load" forces, which are then maintained until the Sidestick is moved again.

The Science is different but the effect is the same - the plane is automatically "trimmed" to that attitude or position and will maintain that position within the parameters of the flight envelope.

BUT...... An aircraft that is on the ground does not have a "G-load".... so all Airbus aircrafts still need to have their trim set for take-off.

So in short what I am saying is that you NEED to set the Trim correctly in the PSS Airbus add-ons before take-off.

If you do this, this results in a super smooth rotation, and a perfectly smooth climb, where the Airbus will hold ("Auto trim") it's attitude for you.

The Trim is set using your usual "Elevator Trim Up" and "Elevator Trim Down" buttons (I have assigned these buttons to my Joystick).

To see what setting you are on, you need to access the full (IFR) Panel screen, then press the "F.Ctrl" (Flight Control) button on the ECAM unit in the centre bottom of the Panel.

You will see the setting of the trim change ... (ie... -2.3 Nose Up).

Prior to Take-Off is the ONLY time you ever need to adjust this - once you are airborne, you have a G-Load and the auto-trimming will be effective.


A319 -2.3 Nose Up
A320 -2.2 Nose Up
A321 -2.2 Nose Up

A330 -2.3 Nose Up
A340 -2.3 Nose Up

So set your Trim to these settings while making your Before T/O checks, and then smoothly rotate at VR...... when you are at around 400' AGL and in a positive rate of climb, you can gently relax the sidestick and the plane will maintain it's attitude. If your speed decreases too much, gently push the stick a bit until the attitude reduces - and vice versa.

Go try it - and rediscover these amazing add-ons !

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

That was really an interesting post, GPS-Kid. Since I'm learning how to fly the PSS A340 Profession, this post helped me a lot. I didn't know the correct trim for the A340, so that helped me.

Thank you for this useful information ❗


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