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PaigeMont Guest

I noticed that the plane in the Flight Simulator 2004 program for the Vin Fizz does not look anything like the actaul Vin Fizz plane? Is there a plane that we can download that looks like the Vin Fizz? The plane that we have is yellow and looks very modern compared to what it should look like?

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Agent Orange Guest

The plane used for this flight is the Piper Cub "Gin Fizz", on which the Riner Brothers re-created Rogers's historical flight (this is described in their book "Flight of Passage"). As for whether you can get an add-on plane of the same type as the original "Vin Fiz", the answer is NO -- although there IS an add-on plane of the same type (the Wright Brothers Model A, included in the Abacus package "Early Years of Flight"), it only has enough fuel to fly for a few minutes at a time, and so would be unsuitable for this flight.

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