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I joined FlyAway March 8, 2012 with agreement for $5 U.S per month. August 6, 2012 my bank account was drafted $55 via PayPal. I know of no charge in 2103 other than the monthly $5. Today the bank calls to inform me of a hit from PayPal for $55. I checked email. No upcoming draft warning.

Contact page says the European number does not deal with this kind of issue. My account page offers no financial history or current data. In fact, after logging on, the my account page notes that I am offline. ???

The bank said I have two options: come in and stop payment or pay it and take it up with the website. So far, I find no way to take it up with the website. This forum has no category for account discussion.

Something feels very wrong about $110 per year by-the-month and now a $55 charge after an initial $55.

Posting in this forum may not do a lick of good if this is not turned over to the financial department and I'm contacted.

I sure want to know why I just paid $55 to FlyAway.

Thanks to whomever can give me the "low down" on this.


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Hello there,

It's possible that if you have been paying monthly you may have mistakenly signed up twice; the other payment being an annual subscription (charged at $55).

Please speak to the account support team here (Simon):

They will resolve this for you and provide a refund where applicable.

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