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fs9 crashes at its whim

crosscheck9 Guest

Recently, FS9 has been giving me some trouble. It's crashing very unexpectadely. For example, the other day, I opened up the flight planner, and it exitted itself. Right after that, I reopened the sim, went to flight planner and everything worked fine. Today, I was climbing enroute in an IFDG a321, and the sim went black. All I could here was the sound of the Aircond packs. It's very strange. I think it could be from the a321 panel that I have downloaded, but that doesn't explain the flight planner incident. Has this happened to anyone before?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Remove that panel and see if that's it.
If not it could be overheating, when is the last time you cleaned the dust from the fans.
Check the CPU fan, dirt cakes up in the vanes.


crosscheck9 Guest

alright - I'm gonna try changing the panel. However, I wont be able to tell you if it works right away, because it crashes on somedays, only. I will also be sure to clean the fans. Thanks Radarman.

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