727 Addon - Dreamfleet versus Captain Sim??

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I am looking to buy one of these 727 add-ons but I can't decide. I can only afford one. Which do you recommend? Why?


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I only have the Captain Sim 727 and find it very very good in terms of realism. The 727 is probably one for serious FS pilots as there is not much in terms of gadgetry ala Airbus, just analogue displays and lots of switches to kind of plane!
I am sure GPS KID will add to this and give a better account of Captain Sims pros and cons.

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Jumpseat and PH,

I have heard a lot of talk about the 727 Capt. Sim. but don't know much about it. What makes it so much different/better than the freeware addons to FS9? -I got 'Fly to Hawaii' by Flightsoft and I was really disappointed by it. Nowhere near FS9. Very rough around the edges. Lousy sound/graphic display & you name it. As an FYI, I would say it is probably a good idea to stay away from that one. 😞 😉

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi Jumpseat / PH / George,

Like PH and a lot of folk on here, I have Captain Sim Legendary 727 and it is an EXCELLENT add-on. I'm mainly into modern airliners like Airbus and the Boeing NG planes.... but I make an exception for the Captain Sim 727..... it is one of those add-ons where everything just comes together to make a really enjoyable plane to fly.

Here are the best bits about it, for me :-

- Exterior Model is gorgeous, and up there with the best in FS9.

- Sounds are fab... Sound is often under-rated in FS9 but the sounds of these engines are MEATY ! (like the real thing)... but also just like the real 727, the cockpit is very quiet, as it was super sound proofed in the 727.

- Panel is excellent.... this plane has an AutoPilot like no other in FS9 and it works pretty much EXACTLY like the real unit.

- WHAT A HAND FLYER ! You won't want to put the AP in !

- Extra bits: You get Cabin Attendant, Capt, F/O and F/E callouts.

Now the Dreamfleet 727 has just come out (I was considering downloading it yesterday but realised I am skint so couldn't !).... so no idea how it measures up but my advice would be if you don't want to take a gamble - go for Captain Sim.

Incidentally, Captain Sim are close to finishing their next release - Legendary 767.

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer


That review sold me right away. Thanks for the info on it. I am now planning on getting it as I trust your judgement concerning it. Wondering how many MB it uses and if it is or can be integrated fully w/fs9 or if it's a stand alone type program? Anyhow, I am going to surf around and see.

Thanx GPS.


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi George,

It's fully integrated as an add-on for FS2004.

Watch out if you're buying a CD-ROM version of it though, as there are 2 versions in circulation on places like Ebay; The original FS2002 version that requires a patch from Just Flight / Captain Sim to work in FS2004, and a fully updated, integrated FS2004 version that works in FS9 without needing any patches.

If you download of course you'll get the most up to date version.

Enjoy her when you get her and be careful, this is one fast old Boeing - she climbs like a Combat Jet !

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i have the captain sim 727 have had trouble installing it belive it is my fault. got the fsuipc file and it said put in the module folder Belive well I fs9 moudule folder and it still wouldnt work. In thinking about this maybe should put is captain sim module folder. I don't know evertime I have tryed to install it so far it shuts fs9 down so I have to uninstall. Does anyone know where to put this ?

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

As far as I'm aware both the CD and the official Download versions should auto-install (although the 2004 patch may also need to be used), so I'm not sure why you're having to sort out folders. Sorry, I don't know where the files go but hopefully someone can help you soon !

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roadster123 Trainee

Thanks for your reply. I downloaded the files agin and you have to have them to make it work. I don't know for sure if you get the cd if you have to or not. Iam going to wait awhile to do this account it shuts down fs9 completly. will let know what results are.

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

I realize that I am a little late in offering my opinion, but GPS is 100% spot on. The Legendary 727 is the best plane I have found, add-on or stock. I have flown it around the globe twice, so I have some stick time with it and I can tell you that you will not regret buying it.

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roadster123 Trainee

Just got the captain sim 727 working last night. This is great one fun to fly it will keep you busy. great detail on everything.


Dream flight panels are clearer and more practiclal eye distance and angle than Capt Sim.Not sure if FE panel fully functional or read only but Capt sim more realistic and multi crew interaction nakes it more serious.If only capt sim 2D panels could have mor clarity and closer!

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