FS2004 displays black plane preview in full screen windows10

Natasha Guest

Hi, I apologise if this has been already answers but I am yet to find a solution for my problem.

I have fs2004 running on windows 10, it works perfectly except that when I am creating a flight the plane preview box in black and does not display the 3D plane as it did on my old XP computer.

I had to upgrade the computer as my old one started to crash.

The Computer is HP Omen with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card.

I have tried changing the resolution, the adjusting the Antialiasing setting to 4x
and Anisotropic settings to 8x, looked for the hardware accelerator settings (which the computer does not have), tried to change .cfg files which hasn't worked.

Alt+Enter takes it from full screen and you can see the plane but it is so tiny you can't read the words so I want to get around having to come out of full screen mode if I can.

I will be grateful for any help I can get as I have been searching for ages to find a solution.


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Natasha Guest

See if this thread helps.


Thanks for your reply, I have seen this thread, unfortunately directX does not affect the game I am playing so I have not had any luck with it.

The black screen in only in the plane preview box not the whole game.

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Try right clicking on the launch icon and choose W7 as administrator.

Let us know if that helps.


anonamous Guest

press ctrl+enter. tried itjavascript:emoticon('❓')

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