Can't see a picture of the plane I am selecting, why?

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MS Flight Sim 2004 is working well except.......

When I am on the screen to pick my plane, the preview window is black.

When I first installed the program the preview window was showing my plane just fine. After I went into the settings and bumped up my screen reseloution to 1024x728x32 the window went black.

Is there a problem with my system or is it just that the preview window is not supported at higher reseloutions?

Is there a way to fix this or am I just going to have to live with it?

Thank You

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Try lowering your screen resolution and see if that helps.

Did you load anything lately, new drivers SP2, the MS patch, any thing new.

If nothing works delete the FS9 cfg and start the sim to build a new one.

The fs9.cfg file is now located in Drive_Letter:\Documents and Settings\User_Name\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9. This is a hidden folder by default so you need to modify the folder options via the control panel: go to the view tab and check the "Show hidden files and folders" option


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