Joystick problems: keeps turning to right


Whenver i try to fly the crj-200 the airplane always turns to the right and no matter how far i twist the joystick to the left it still turns to the right at a very quick paste. I calibrated the joystick again, but still no difference. Yet when i fly the cessena i dont have that problem until i start reaching a greater speed like 40 knots.

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If it just happens with one aircraft then it could be the fuel or cargo balance of that particular craft.You have to fix it in the menu when you select that plane.
If that's not it come back and we'll look for the other off-steering reasons.;en-us;260183;en-us;841018



So yea i calbriated the joystick, changed the settings to simple, and changed some fuel setting. Now im able to atleast take off and comtrol the airplane somewhat, but it still tends to move byitself. But this problem has been for about 2 weeks no matter what airplane i fly. I used a wingman force 3D and i turned off the forces. SHould i just buy a new joystick?

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Don't buy a new stick yet, check here on their forum to see if anyone else with the same stick can help you.



Ughh found some things but nothing that relates to my problem or even helps it in a way.

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I had a microsoft joysick.I had to calibrate it every time I reset the game or I start FS. during a filght the plane get uncontrolable. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
I went out and got new Joystick (logitec) I love it 😂


Thats just it, this is a logitech controller. Logitech WingMan Force 3D, and i tried flying today and the plane just kept going out of control, by pitching up and down NO matter HOW still i had the joystick, tried everything, even trimming. UGHHHHHH I HATE this Censored game right now. SUCH a pain.

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I have almost the same joystick as you and I used to have rudder trouble. It would always turn to the right. No matter what plane it was. Even during taxi. I uninsatalled it then reinstalled it. Then I calibrated it and it was fixed. Try reinstalling it. Good luck!


ok, ill try that

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If you have any more questions don't be afraid to post them here.

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I am havining problems when trying to use the joystick with FS 2004. In the flying lessons mode, and when using the keyboard, everything works fine. However, when I plug in the joystick (all updated drivers installed, joystick calibrated) there are numerous problems such as:
1. Lose the voice of the instructor
2. Do not have an airspeed readout until airborne
3. Throttle is intermittent

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you,


Lot of us are having problems with taking off and plane not going straight down the runway. I've done many things in attempting to fix this. I THINK the problem is with the REAL TIME WEATHER. After clearing it I stall may have weather I shiuldn't have. Sit it on CLEAR ALL WEATHER and still have weather I shouldn't have. After getting out of that flight and NOT touching the weather, real time the flight is like it should be. M/S hepl on line isen't much help. Fool with it, I may be right, or wrong.

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Logitech WingMan Force 3D is not that reliable, I am flying a ASK21 sailplane in real life and never felt such shaking like this joystick.
Does it work if you re-install software, because during ground movements it veers like crazy and when flying has a tendancy to the right?
I noticed that this joystick has a free play when centered.
Do I need to manipulate its sensitivities settings?

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