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tabjai Guest

First of all, sorry if this isn't in the right section. If it isn't, mods please move it where suited.

I have recently reinstalled FS2004 after my computer was formatted and I've calibrated and assigned my joystick as I had it previously. The problem I have now is that any plane I fly doesn't turn right appropriately. Lighter aircraft, of course move faster, but the Boeings take a long time to turn, even with help of pressing the right arrow key while turning. The plane manages to turn, using the joystick after a long time and in a shorter time with help of the arrow key. Turning left is fine, and not being to turn right makes it very difficult to land or maneuver.

Has it anything to do with any settings? What can I do because I love this game.

Many thanks.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

When you move straight have you notice if your crafts turns a bit to the left?
Try to hit Num Lock 5 with your Num Lock set to off in order to reset your rudder and also recalibrate your joystick both form Control Panel and from FS menu.

tabjai Guest

It turns very slightly and slowly to the left, each second a little more. I tried what you said about Num Lock 5 and it didn't work. the C182 I tried that on is still taking ages to turn to the right and it suddely turns very steeply with the help of the arrow key. I've set the P-factor and those settings that say that setting them in realistic will increase the left-leaning tendency of the plane to easy (except the general one and the crash one)

I really want to be able to land because landing is incredibly difficult, and I love this game and I don't know what to do. Thank you very much.

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Sounds like a controller calibration problem.
1. Uninstall your joy stick
2. Check turning performance using keyboard commands
3. Reinstall joy stick and calibrate. If USB, connect directly to computer not a hub. 🙂

tabjai Guest

Thanks. I've reinstalled my joystick and I can turn right now. 😀

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