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I am not new to the flight world. I have been flying in the Microsoft Sims sims from the 90's. But since P3D has taken the the market over since FSX, I decided to try X-Plane. Since I moved to X-Plane 11, I also invested in a new computed desktop from X-Force computer. A very close relationship of Laminar Research. Michael Brown from X-Force Computers have known Austin Meyers since High School.
I bought my computer from XForce over a year ago and with the SSD hard drive ( now moving plater) and the the amount of RAM, Windows starts in a mater of 1o seconds. Which means as well with the GPU, I can get 40 frames per second on X-Plane 11.XX
That was not the topic but an endorsement of both.
Fly Away I find an excellent source of enhancements to X-Plane. Good quality. And most software is free. I am downloading as I type XCP_ UID Mesh for California.
I f the the stuff you download does not work, then you are doing something wrong. And if it still does not work, dont complain for for free stuff. Don't bite the hand that feeds you

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Welcome to Fly away simulations. I'm new to this site but have ben simming since about 2018 or so. I use a pc from origin. By the way I am a visually impaired pilot, and I'm rocking this site. A lot to get here and a lot of very helpful people.

Blessings and again welcome from a fellow newbie.

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