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So I am setting up one of my offices for nothing but flight simming. I have always had a computer room for my flight simulators and I fly in real life for fun as well. 

Just getting ready for MS FS 2020 which I take for granted and hopefully will run anything.

Question is will MS FS X work smoothly with 6 or 8 large monitors? I have seen 8 monitors that were 24 inch for the 180 degree peripheral vision I am seeking on FSX. 
It stands to reason that if I build the system with enough power it should work for more screen space. I would like to share my progress with pictures, get everyone's opinions and suggestions as well.

Would you use 2 video cards with 4 hdmi ports on each card or a bridge of 8 hdmi ports? Which would have the least lag time? Granted the cpu, hard drive,memory and video will all be in sync in the system I build.

I take for granted I can bump up to 8 32inch but what if 6 40 inch monitors looked and worked better for the 180 degree peripheral vision.

I opened my first computer up in 1980 at age 13 and it still amazes me that MS FS came out in 1982. I still have the 1st magazine issue of Flight Simulator in Mint Condition and it is not for sale:)

Your favorite graphic cards and will they support this situation?

Who wants to do this setup with me for our new MSFS 2020 coming? Has anyone had success at doing this here because it has already been done. Just looking for advice.

Thanks to everyone 

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Monitor tutorial.

Scroll to the bottom for the latest cards.


Good luck, let us know how you do,.


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