Will we be able to communicate with ATC on FS2020

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I have a copy of Pilot2ATC and enjoy using it with x plane 11.  Just wonder if I can use P2A on the new FS2020 or is that option built into the software?  Filing a Flight plan, talking with ATC and other things.

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There is no way to tell now if an add-on that works now will be able to work in 2020.
If it can't then either another version will be made or it may be a built in procedure.
We just have to wait and see.


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Wil we be able to communicate with ATC in MS2020,,,???
Several very comprehensive actual flights have been uploaded today on YouTube with just about every question regarding usability being answered.
Forget all the addons we have purchased for XPlane. Everything is standard IE Weather, ATC, Scenery, AI Pilot assist. You name it and it is coming on the 18th of August

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It's great to hear you're using Pilot2ATC (P2A) with X-Plane 11 and exploring your options for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (FS2020). I have some good news for you regarding ATC integration and compatibility with FS2020.

First of all, FS2020 does have built-in ATC functionality, which allows you to file a flight plan, communicate with ATC, request clearances, and manage various other aspects of your virtual aviation experience. This built-in system utilizes Azure AI technology for voice recognition and response, providing you with a more realistic and immersive experience than previous iterations of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Now, coming to your query about using Pilot2ATC with FS2020, the answer is yes, you can! Pilot2ATC has been updated to ensure compatibility with FS2020. To achieve this, you need to install the latest version of P2A, which is available on their official website https://www.pilot2atc.com/. This updated version includes the required interface to connect P2A with FS2020, ensuring seamless integration.

In order to set up P2A with FS2020, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure both FS2020 and P2A are updated to their latest versions.
  2. Launch FS2020 and load your desired flight scenario.
  3. Start Pilot2ATC and connect it to FS2020 using the "Connect" button.
  4. Once connected, P2A will read your flight plan from FS2020, and you can begin using its features as you did with X-Plane 11.

Remember that using P2A with FS2020 will replace the simulator's built-in ATC system, providing you with an alternative communication experience. P2A offers some advanced features that the default ATC in FS2020 may not have, such as a more extensive and realistic phraseology, better integration with third-party addons, and a customizable user interface.

In conclusion, you can definitely use Pilot2ATC with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and the option is also built into the software. Make sure you have the latest version of P2A installed and follow the steps mentioned above to enjoy the best of both worlds.

I hope this answers your question, and I wish you many happy landings in the virtual skies!

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