0x80070005 Error on Download

Gavin Munro Guest

I have solved the problem of not being able to start the FS2020 download. It seems you MUST have the Microsoft Store software on your PC or it will not work.
Now when I start downloading within a few seconds it fails with error 0x80070005 which is a security error apparently usually encountered with Windows Update.
Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?

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Gavin Munro Guest

I found the answer to this problem and it may be useful for others:
1. Go to Services under Computer Management
2. Search for the service "Background Intelligent Transfer Service"
3. Make sure this service is set to Automatic

Thats all!


Montgomery Bonner Guest

Ok, I experienced a variety or errors as well.  However, I disabled all virus and firewalls.  I uninstalled zone alarm, restarted PC, went back to store, it installed a "NEW" version of itself, and then the game downloaded.  I paid for the Premium Deluxe version, but that did not show up in the list, the basic game and another program.  Some of my previously downloads needed to be installed again.  Now it's gotten past other points where it was failing, so far so good.  Try these tips, one fellow on Youtube has most of the answers.  

Jim Layton Guest

The title says it all.
I got the same error code when trying to update Windows 10 with the latest version of the W10 software.
I reloaded W10 this morning following the below link and am back up and running.

Works just like it says.

Jim Layton Guest

I neglected to mention that W10 loaded with the update included so I have a clean updated copy of W10 now.


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