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I have been using Microsoft FSX for  a couple of years now and every now and then it crashes (the program...not me!)
As it was quite infrequent I didn't pay it much attention.
Recently I have bene playing it more and it seems to be crashing when I am in the middleof a flight (amd in this case I had landed and was just lining up near the runway for takeoff) and accessed the menu bar to change the view and it froze as it was with menu lists open...then I had the windows egg timer circle come up on the screen.....then a windows error mesage saying it had to restart the program (FSX).

This has happend quite a few times now and have tried all the suggestions of updating SP1 & SP2 and adding this file, adding that file...and it still has the same problem.

Is there anything else I should be trying and this is becoming a right pain. I manage to get the plane landed in one piece...and then can't take off because the program crashes....I can't seem to get on any further as it always crashes at the same point.

I thank you in advance for any tips or suggestions.

Thanks again


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If it's just crashing like you say then my guess the computer is overheating.
If you know how to clean it with compressed air...do so.
If you don't know the safety steps and what to do where then search the net and you'll find excellent instuctions.
There is most likely dust in the CPU vanes and in your video card fans.


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I didn't think of that.

Yes, I aware how to clean a PC ou/out.

I shall start with that and see how I go.

Thanks for the heads-up.



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