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pullback from gates?

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I'm new to this whole flight sim thing and I'm probably doing something wrong, but is there a button I'm missing to enable planes to start at the gates as opposed to just starting at the end of the active runway? Also any landing advice would be much appreciated, I'm having alot of trouble getting the plane to find the glide slope after the VOR localizer appears to be recognized and the APR button has been pressed?

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Hello jketchum

To start of at the gate you must select whichever gate from the choose airport page.At the bottom left you should see ACTIVE RUNWAY simply click the arrow beside it and choose your gate or runway
To pushback from the gate press Shift and P together then (fairly quickly on its own) 1 or 2 for turn left or right

When landing with auto pilot in fs9 it seems to work better if you fly into the G/S from below (ie be at 3500 when the G/s is at 4000) The haeding seems to engage with a greater margin than the alt

Oh one last thing make sure you've tuned to the correct freq for your runway

Hope its helped 😀

😀 Happy landings 😀

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😕 hi there...sorry to hear that ur having trouble with the landing thing but believe me i was a complete ammature when i started this and now i can land them fine if not brilliant!
so anyway getting back to the point i will try and explain the easiest way of landing first!
1. if you want to go to a certain destination, you should go onto Flight planner and then type in ur departure aiport and arrival airport. Then it will come up with ur flight plan for you and how long it will take etc. then change ur altitude to what you want. (if you use flight planning then you have a much better chance at landing! 😂 The ATC guide you and desend you towards the airport and its much easier to allign ur self.

2. using auotpilot is recommended if you dont have a joystick because it is impossible to guide the aircraft manually.
When the ATC ahs cleared you for the localizer, preferably before you get to that satge click on map view and find your arrival point and click on the runway. then this will give you information on the ILS frequencies. Scroll to the bottom then look at the runway for which you have been assigned. write down the number and then go back to the cockpit.
Type into NAV radio 2,which is located on the panel as radio stack, the number that you have written down the pres the switch in the middle to make this active.

3 When you are near the Glideslope go on to the cockpit window and make sure that autopilot is on click APR and then the NAV/GPS switch somewhere on the cockpit. Swtich it to GPS. IF you do this then this will guide you to the runway and line you up.

4. Then al you have to worry about is the descent which takes abit of practice because of speed on the heavier jets. First of all start out in cessna then work you way up..But avoid the learjet (too sensitive! :cry🙂
the once the alttitude hold switch comes off and starts to descend click it back on and then you have control over the pitch. Use ur pitch trim which should be 7 and 1 on the number pad on your keyboard.

Dont be disheartened if you cant do it first time i was exactly the same and cant quite wonder how i managed to work it all out. 😳
Anyway if you have any problems what so ever on what i have just said then feel to ask... Im here for you man! 😂

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