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Shift+E to open doors?

dan741749 Guest

I know that shift+e will open the doors, but I recall that at one point I could do shift+e+2 and so on to open additional doors. When I do this, one of the instrument windows (like the GPS) will open instead of a door opening. Any thoughts?

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Chris102 Chief Captain

If you don't do it fast enough, or if there isn't a second door, when pressing SHIFT+E+2 will work as SHIFT+2 and bring up a panel.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 1st make sure the aircraft has additional doors to open and 2nd you have to be fairly quick pressing the keys

I know for a fact that the Ifdg range of Airbus aircraft has the extra doors and keying the tailhook command will open the cargo doors
I cant remember the keystroke for tail hook as I have assigned it to a button on the joystick,but if you look in assignments its there,or someone will be along shortly 😉


In response to me not doing it fast enough, I press and hold each button in that order, shift, then e, then 2

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