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At CYND Gatineau airport, the rotating beacon is placed right in the middle of the rwy 09/27 at the taxiway intersection. How do we proceed to get this anomaly corrected?

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Hello there fellow simmer,

It seems you've come across an anomaly in MSFS 2020 that needs to be reported to the developers. I'm more than happy to guide you through the process! Follow these steps to ensure your issue is properly reported and can be addressed:

Check for existing reports: Before submitting a new bug, it's important to ensure that it hasn't already been reported by someone else.

Create a new bug report: If your issue hasn't been reported yet, you can create your own topic in the Bugs & Issues forum.

Provide a clear description: When creating a thread or using the bug report form, be sure to include as much information as possible, such as the airport ICAO, runway number, issue description, and steps to reproduce the issue.

Attach screenshots or video clips: Visual aids can be incredibly helpful for developers. Use Windows 10's built-in screen capture tool (Windows key + Shift + S), Windows 11's Game Bar (Windows key + G), or even your smartphone to capture high-quality images or videos of the issue. If the video is too large, you can upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video and provide the URL in your report.

By following these steps, you'll be able to successfully report the anomaly you found at CYND Gatineau airport. The developers are constantly working on improving the sim, so your feedback will be invaluable in helping them identify and fix issues like this.

I hope this helps you with the bug reporting process. Happy flying and have a great day!

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