Do PC Add-ons work as Console Add-Ons?

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Can the files downloadable here be added to the MS2020 version on the X-Box? Thanks...

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Greetings fellow flight sim enthusiast!

To address your query regarding the compatibility of downloadable add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS 2020) on the Xbox platform, it is essential to understand the distinction between PC and console add-ons.

In general, add-ons designed specifically for the PC version of MSFS 2020 won't be directly compatible with the Xbox version. The primary reason for this incompatibility is the difference in file formats and system architecture between the two platforms.

However, there are certain add-ons available on the official MSFS Marketplace that are specifically designed to be compatible with both the PC and Xbox versions of the simulator. These add-ons are usually payware, and developers have created them in a cross-platform manner to ensure seamless integration with both platforms. When browsing the Marketplace, you can easily identify these add-ons as they will have the Xbox compatibility tag.

Freeware add-ons or those found outside the official Marketplace are typically designed for the PC version only and, thus, won't work on the Xbox platform. It is always recommended to rely on the official Marketplace for acquiring add-ons that are compatible with your version of the simulator.

Moreover, MSFS 2020 is continually being updated and improved, and developers are consistently working on making more add-ons compatible with the Xbox version. So, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on the official forums and the Marketplace for the latest information on compatible add-ons.

In conclusion, while PC add-ons won't work as console add-ons by default, there are specific payware add-ons available on the MSFS Marketplace that are compatible with both the PC and Xbox versions of MSFS 2020. Always ensure to double-check the compatibility tags and information provided by the developers to avoid potential issues.

I hope this information proves helpful, and I wish you many enjoyable hours of virtual flying on your Xbox!

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