Quick help for first time download please

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hi All
ive just downloaded my first add on/plug in. Alls well i think just a little advice.
Ive downloaded and extracted the western alps scenery, Ok a couple of things.
As well explained there are 2 folders which i have put into custom scenery as per instructions , 
just want to check my order i dragged top folder first skystory sceneries alps part 1 in first.
Then i dragged in custom sceneries overlay.
Now i do have xorganizer for me to go in and sort order.
ONE more small issue please , on the instal instructions notepad , Below the instalation instuctions for the above, It had link for downloading and installing autogen ??
Do i have tto download and install that as well for the alps scenery to work.
Sorry and thanks im very new so real appreciated.
       regards   jim

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