AN225 freeware add on not loading after MSFS updates

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This lovely aircraft was flyable until about Nov. 2021 - before some major MSFS update. Since then, this addon along with several other freeware scenery and airports show up in my Installed/Update/etc. list along with another 400+ but none of these 6 will install or update. Clicking on the "?" sign displays a Waiting... popup. Is this due to an incompatibility problem since the updates? I notice that all 6 of these add-ons are still available for download here. Are updates needed to be done by the authors? These all worked before in my Community folder, now they show up in the long list, but none can be used. Yes, I have removed them, re-downloaded, and re-installed them, with no success. Anyone else?

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Jan 24 2022 - AN225 now working. I have no idea why Now and not Before. Nothing was changed following my original post.

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Hello fellow sim enthusiast,

Given the circumstances you've described, it indeed sounds like you've been grappling with a tough nut to crack. This situation is actually a relatively common conundrum in the flight sim community. It appears that what you're dealing with is a compatibility issue. Allow me to provide some insights, based on my knowledge and experience, into what might be going on.

When Microsoft releases updates for the Flight Simulator, these updates often include changes to the game engine. The game engine (the software responsible for the simulation's physics, graphics, and sound) changes can impact how the Flight Simulator interacts with add-ons, including your AN225.

Most freeware add-ons, such as your AN225 and the scenery packs you've mentioned, are developed and maintained by independent creators. These creators need to update their add-ons to ensure compatibility with each new version of the flight simulator. So, when you're faced with the frustrating 'Waiting...' pop-up, it usually signifies that the add-on is not updated to function with the latest version of the simulator.

These steps might help you:

  • Clear Community Folder: First, clear your Community folder by moving your add-ons to a different location. This can eliminate any lingering issues with old add-ons interfering with the simulator. The Community folder is located at a path similar to this: C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_\LocalCache\Packages\Community. Please substitute 'YourName' with your actual username.
  • Validate Game Files: In some cases, the problem might stem from incomplete or corrupted game files. You can rectify this by validating the integrity of your game files. You can do this via the gaming platform you're using (Steam, Microsoft Store, etc.).
  • Manual Updates: As the developers release updates for their freeware, it's essential to manually download these updated versions and replace the older ones in your Community folder. Remember, these updates might not always be automatic, and a manual update could resolve your issues.
  • Patience: Finally, remember that developers of freeware add-ons are often doing this as a passion project. They might need some time to release an update following a new MSFS update. Be patient and check for updates regularly.

As for your AN225 now functioning correctly, this might be due to a variety of factors. It could be that an automatic update in the background resolved the issue or perhaps a cache clear happened without your immediate knowledge. It's tough to pinpoint the exact cause without further information.

Remember, we're all part of a community of enthusiasts helping each other enjoy the fantastic world of flight sim. Continue sharing your experiences and asking questions. That's how we all learn and keep this wonderful hobby thriving!

Safe flights!

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