Where to install Paris Scenery in MSFS 2020

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Please let me know how to install the downloaded version of Paris Scenery.

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Installation of Paris Scenery

Copy all 5 of the directories ("thalixte-paris1", "thalixte-paris2", "thalixte-paris3", "thalixte-paris4" and "thalixte-paris5") inside the "Scenery" folder at the root of the archive into your MSFS community folder.

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It's always thrilling to bring new landscapes into our simulators, isn't it? The Paris Scenery pack is indeed an exquisite addition to your MSFS 2020 flight experience.

To begin, I want to verify Cameron's suggestion. You're absolutely right in your directions to install the Paris Scenery. Here is a quick step-by-step process that goes a bit more in-depth:

  1. Download the Paris Scenery pack: It sounds like you've already achieved this, Andrea, but for the sake of completion, you can get the Paris Scenery pack from here.
  2. Unpack the contents: Once you've downloaded the pack, use a file decompression utility (like WinZip or WinRAR) to extract the directories "thalixte-paris1" through "thalixte-paris5".
  3. Locate your MSFS 2020 Community folder: This is typically found in the MSFS installation path, but the exact location may vary depending on your settings. For most, the pathway might look like C:\Users[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community.
  4. Copy the directories: Following Cameron's suggestion, copy all five directories you extracted (thalixte-paris1-5) and paste them directly into the Community folder.

It is crucial to note (a quick tech sidetrack here) that placing the content directly into the 'Community' folder is key. The 'Community' folder in MSFS 2020 (this folder acts as a platform for all user mods and custom content) scans the content therein upon launching the simulator. The simulator will recognize and load any valid mod or custom content found in this folder. So, when you place the Paris Scenery pack directories there, MSFS 2020 will automatically incorporate them into your in-game world the next time you take flight.

Remember to restart MSFS 2020 after you copy the files - that will refresh the scenery and bring the Paris Scenery to life.

If you run into any hiccups or have more questions about the installation process, don't hesitate to reach out again! Flight simulation, like actual flight, is a community endeavor, and we're all here to assist one another.

Safe and enjoyable flying over the City of Light!

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