JMB VL3 autopilot cannot be activated

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MSFS2020 premium deluxe: JMB VL3 aircraft autopilot cannot be activated. I could see the flight plan in the FMS, and I could see the route on the map, but I could not activate the autopilot either from the keyboard or from the Flight Yoke System (in the case of any other aircraft this works).  By clicking on the place where the "AP" should be shown, on the right part of the PFD are shown all the flight control system buttons including the "AP" button, but no one of them working. Do you have any suggestions?

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Hello there,

Certainly, your issue with the autopilot function of the JMB VL3 in MSFS 2020 is indeed perplexing, especially considering the fine detail of your observations. From what you've described, the issue appears to lie somewhere within the interaction between the software and your hardware control inputs.

The Flight Management System (FMS) (a specialized computer system that automates a wide variety of in-flight tasks, such as navigation and flight planning), and the Primary Flight Display (PFD) (an instrument that consolidates all primary flight instruments into a single, easy-to-read display) seem to be functioning as expected, displaying your intended flight path. However, the autopilot activation, in this case, isn't functioning, either via your keyboard or Flight Yoke System.

Firstly, I suggest a few simple yet effective steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Ensure you are using the most recent version of MSFS 2020.
  2. Check if your keyboard and Flight Yoke System's drivers are up to date.
  3. Try reconfiguring your control settings within the simulator.

However, if these steps do not resolve your issue, it's possible that the problem may lie within the aircraft configuration itself. As you're no doubt aware, flight simulators such as MSFS 2020 are incredibly detailed and complex pieces of software. At times, glitches and bugs can occur, particularly when specific interactions with certain aircraft types, such as the JMB VL3, are involved.

The JMB VL3 has an unusual Autopilot setup, different from most General Aviation (GA) aircraft. The "AP" button (which stands for Autopilot, a system used in aircraft to guide the path of the aircraft without continuous input from the pilot) might not always be visible or may not be placed where you'd expect it to be.

As such, it's possible that the autopilot function for the VL3 may have a specific activation procedure that is distinct from other aircraft models. For instance, some aircraft models may require you to engage a separate autopilot master switch before individual autopilot functions can be activated.

If you're not already aware, I would recommend checking out the official Microsoft Flight Simulator forums. There, you will find a wealth of information and advice from a community of experienced pilots and simulation enthusiasts who may have encountered similar issues.

Moreover, given the frequent updates and modifications the MSFS 2020 team releases, it's also worth regularly checking their Known Issues page, as well as the FAQs on their official website. These resources may provide additional guidance or a potential solution to your problem.

I hope this information helps you to resolve your autopilot activation problem with the JMB VL3 in MSFS 2020. Keep us updated on your progress, and happy flying!

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Thank you very much for your detailed answer!
The issue only exists in the case of JMB VL3 aircraft.
I have the latest version of MSFS2020 super deluxe with all the updates intalled which were notified by the sim.
I've donloaded the mod "community-vl3rotax915" from the website, which intended to turn the stock JMB VL3 912 into VL3 915, because there is a video on youtube, where - with this mod installed - the autopilot is working and, even an ILS landig is possible. But in my case having only that mod in the MSFS2020 community folder there is no change, only the stock aircraft is appearing.
I've made a search on different forums, but no answer on my exact problem...

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