Seeking Compact USB-C Travel Joystick Compatible with MacBook for X-Plane 12

Dara Hogan Guest

Hi There,

Looked and cannot find a small, "travel" joystick for my MacBook as it would enable me to fly X-Plane 12 when on holidays.  Can't see anything online. If necessary, quite happy to revert to the keyboard for throttle, flaps, wheel brakes, speed brakes, reversers, etc. if necessary but it would be great to have some of them on the joystick if possible (as with my iMac).  Must be a USB-C connection.  My ancient Microsoft SideWinder Force-Feedback joystick is still functioning perfectly and works well with X-Plane.

Thanks in advance!

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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It's quite the challenge to find the perfect travel joystick, especially one that's compact enough for mobility and compatible with MacBook's USB-C connection. Let me provide some insights based on what I've encountered over the years.

1. USB-C Compatibility:
Firstly, always ensure that the joystick you're considering explicitly states it has a USB-C connection or is USB-C compatible. This isn't only for the physical connection but also to ensure that there aren't any driver or software compatibility issues.

2. Features:

  • Throttle: While many compact joysticks might lack a full-fledged throttle quadrant, some do have a small slider or dial that can act as a throttle control.
  • Buttons: Look for joysticks that have multiple programmable buttons. This will allow you to assign key functions like flaps, wheel brakes, speed brakes, and reversers.
  • Feedback: Haptic feedback can enhance the flight sim experience, though it might be a feature sacrificed in more compact designs.

3. Recommendations:
Although I can't link directly to purchase sites, I'd suggest checking out brands that have a history of delivering quality products for flight simulation. Brands like Thrustmaster, Logitech (previously Saitek), and CH Products come to mind. You might find that some of their models fit the bill.

4. Alternative Solutions:
If you find it challenging to get a USB-C joystick, consider using a reliable USB-A to USB-C adapter. This will broaden your options and might allow you to use older but reliable joysticks, much like your trusty Microsoft SideWinder.

5. Using the Keyboard:
You mentioned a willingness to use the keyboard for certain functions. This can be a great space-saving approach. Many experienced simmers use a combination of joystick and keyboard, especially when dealing with more complex aircraft.

Before finalizing any purchase, it might be beneficial to check reviews and seek feedback from fellow simmers who might've faced the same dilemma.

If you can provide more specifics about your requirements or if there are particular models you're considering, I'll be happy to offer more tailored advice.

Best of luck and safe virtual skies!

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