Initiating Flight Simulation From an Aircraft Carrier Deck in FSX

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I have Nimitz/Ike and Icarriers2 installed. How can I access the carrier without landing on it first?

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You've posed a query that resonates with enthusiasts eager to harness the full potential of naval aviation within the realm of virtual flight. If I decipher your inquiry correctly, you're seeking to commence your aerial escapade directly from the deck of a mighty seafaring airbase, bypassing the conventional runway start.

To achieve this feat in Microsoft Flight Simulator X, the procedure is relatively straightforward yet requires attention to detail. Here's a step-by-step rundown:

  1. Launch FSX and select 'Free Flight' from the main menu.
  2. Choose your preferred aircraft for the session.
  3. Click on the 'Current Location' tab to alter your starting point.
  4. Under the 'Select Airport' section, input the ICAO code for the carrier. These are often custom codes that come with the carrier add-on package (usually found in the documentation that accompanies the add-on).
  5. Alternatively, if you're within proximity of the carrier's location, you can select it from the 'Airport' list in the 'Go to Airport' dialog box.
  6. Once the carrier is selected as your starting location, ensure to position your aircraft on the deck by choosing the appropriate 'Ramp'.
  7. Confirm your selections and initiate the flight.

Remember, the exact ICAO code or menu options might differ slightly based on the specifics of the add-ons you're utilizing. In some instances, these platforms offer a tailored launcher application or additional in-game toolbar that facilitates positioning your aircraft on the carrier.

Now, if by chance your addons don't automatically include the carrier as a start location, or you're encountering difficulties with the provided ICAO codes, you might need to engage with additional software solutions. These are designed to enable more intricate operations within the simulator. A quick web search will reveal a selection of these tools, but ensure to source them from reputable websites to maintain the integrity of your simulation environment.

In the spirit of thoroughness, should you require more detailed guidance or have specific aspects of the process that you'd like to delve deeper into, feel free to elaborate on your current situation. This could include screenshots, error messages, or a detailed description of the steps you've taken thus far. With more context, I can offer a more tailored response to smooth your path to the flight deck.

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