Troubleshooting Resetting Settings in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Wil van de Votstenbosch Guest

Every time I start the sim all the settings of the former flight are gone and back to default. I spent many hours to solve this without success. Please help. (I am happy with P3D which is stable).

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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I understand the frustration you're experiencing with Microsoft Flight Simulator reverting to default settings. It's a common hiccup but one we can certainly navigate. Firstly, let's address the core issue. The developers have identified this as a bug and are working on a fix, expected in a future update. Until then, here are some steps to mitigate this inconvenience:

  1. Nvidia GeForce Experience Optimization: Often, the GeForce Experience app can overwrite your MSFS settings. To prevent this, open the app, locate MSFS in your apps list, and disable the automatic optimization feature.
  2. User Configuration File Settings: Dive into the simulator's files and make a small tweak. Navigate to appdata/remote/microsoftflightsimulator/ and set the '+R' attribute on the usercfg.opt file. This action prevents external applications from modifying your settings.
  3. Manual Driver Updates: If you're using GeForce Experience mainly for driver updates, consider switching to manual updates. Regularly checking the Nvidia website or using a tool like Chocolatey can be effective alternatives.

If these steps don't resolve your issue, I'd recommend reaching out to the support forums with specifics of your hardware and software setup. The community there is quite knowledgeable and might offer more tailored advice.

As a side note, these solutions apply to the latest versions of flight simulators, including MSFS 2020 and X-Plane 12, given the similarity in their architecture and dependencies.

Remember, the world of flight simulation is ever-evolving, and these minor turbulence spots are part and parcel of the experience. Keep experimenting and tweaking, and you'll find the optimal setup for your virtual skies.

Blue skies and tailwinds

rick anderson Guest

If you are having problems with the Longitude,it was the FDEfix add on mod that was causing the problem.  deleted it, reinstalled, so far so good, hope this helps

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