Just a quick Doom 3 question

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Well, again, i'm here beacuse this is the "General" forum, and I have a membership here, so i think i'll ask.

Does anyone know how/where in the Doom 3 .pk4 files, is the place to edit the functionality of armor compared to health?

I.E. If you get shot by a dude, it does like 8 points of damage to your Doom Marine's health, but only 2 to armor, where can i find the stuff that deals with how much damage the armor absorbs?

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jelami First Officer

i know what you mean, but i think they have it that way because health is so much more availible than finding armor. As for editing it, I have no clue, sorry man

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

Hey FEM, I don't know about your question, but if you would like you could download this game and we could play each other on the demo and then see if you like it. www.pcgameworld.com/download.php/id/5328/folder/demos/filename/jo_demo?060804_xx.exe
I like the game, you would like it too, I've played it a few times over at falconjgc's house. Tell me when you have it downloaded so I can play multiplayer with you. I'll host the game. I'll meet you time next time you check the forums. If you have any problems you can PM me. Good Luck.

Anybody else who wishes to join, you may.

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