Captain Sim's Legendary 767 is coming!

MaverM Guest

Have you seen the preview? The model looks superb!

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

It does look pretty neet, but check out the already-released Level-D Sim 767...available now from!

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Zach (ranald) Captain

That looks amazing ❗ ❗


It does look pretty neet, but check out the already-released Level-D Sim 767...available now from!

Yeah, I've bought it. That model is a bad joke! Look at those zombies in the cockpit. 😳 Mad And the textures are at freeware quality level.
All graphics sucks big time.

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sonicninja First Officer

I'll second that, the graphics are pretty poor!!! Crying or Very sad

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Ah come on guys, the external plane is nice!, (as long as you don't zoom in on the zombies!)......

I was a little disappointed with some of the graphics but if you stick with it a bit, it gives some interesting stuff that you don't get with any other add-ons (Ground Crew interaction, an Interesting sound set, etc).

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Turn the wipers on and you kinda forget the zombies 😂

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PH First Officer

Zombies.....I thought they looked OK, better than most crew look after a night Tenerife!

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer


"Already a FS "Classic", the 727 is a must have for your hangar. Fly the aircraft that even real 727 pilots say is as close to the real thing as you can get!" --Dream Fleet - Greatest Airliners - 727!.

Anybody have the Dream Fleet 727 yet? If so how do you like it and how many MB is it? I am really tempted to get this addon or maybe Capt. Sim 727 but am a little worried about the consumption of available CPU resources. The specs on the product specify what is recommended to have in terms of a computer system and I meet those requirements but, having said that, I use this CPU for everything from surfing to taxes to business to Flight Sim in my off time and I am thinking that it might be a bit much to load up another huge addon? I am still currently at 71% unused space on my hard drive so it might be ok? --What do you guys think? 🙄

Anyhow I would appreciate your input about what you would do because I have learned from reading these forums that Flight Simmers are all about maximum utilization of available resources! 🙂

BTW, I here that the team at Dream Fleet is in the process of developing the new 737-200 for their next release which is what I would really like to get as I am a 737 person at heart. Especially the 200 series.

*Here is the press release from Dream Fleet re: the new 737 program launch:
"Production has begun on the Flight 1 "Iron Knuckles" 737-200. The first of a new series of 737s DreamFleet and Flight 1 Software are producing."
Thanks for any thoughts concerning the program usage/overload issue. --orlandogeorge 🙂

P.S. -Those Zombie comments gave me a good chuckle!! 😂

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Aloha George !

Yes, I've just read a huge review of the new Dreamfleet 727 and it rated it as one of the best add-ons ever made for FS series.

It's hard to believe that there could be a better 727 than the Captain Sim model but I've seen all the screen shots and it does look fantastic... You get a bit more than you get with Captain Sim (fair enough, the Captain Sim 727 is a couple of years old now)....

It is hard to justify a purchase when you already own a great 727 ! I'm putting this in the backburner for now but I know that I'll eventually download it during a moment of "I must buy a new plane" weakness !

I think I read somewhere that the download is 173Mb but don't quote me on that - sure you should be fine (hopefully).

I totally agree with you on the forthcoming 737-200, I think it's FAB that someone is making a nice old 737.... I mean I love the NG planes but the 737-200 is the real "classic" with those long, thin engines !

There are SO many good add-ons in the pipeline just now it really feels like the Golden Age for us Flight simmers !

The Flight1 ATR 72 is next for me as I'm missing an up to date Turbo Prop and this add-on gets sparking reviews too.

If you do get the Dreamfleet 727 let us know how she goes... 😉

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

Way cool GPS, I agree that Capt. Sim was the latest and greatest but looks like, with the passage of time as you say, it has been slightly bettered by Dreamfleet? I hear nothing but good things about the Dreamfleet 727 and I guess that I will surely get a hold of it soon. I'd imagine 71% free HD space is ok. Hope you keep flying Capt. Sim as I hear it is great.

Per the 'Iron Knuckles' B737-200 that is on the horizon, all I can say is hooorray! ...As you know I like the 737 a heck of a lot and still think she is one great bird. -Glad you like that plane too! -orlandogeorge.

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