I need help with the ATP checkride and it seems theres no help anywhere, and if i remeber correctly Emblem has his ATP certificate so can anyone please help me.

Heres what i stuck on.

1. After passing OLM at 22,000 feet i fly towards Paine Vor. once i get to the end of that segment she tells me i strayed off the 003 course to paine VOR and that i did not track the 003 course after passing OLM vor. Am i just not turning soon enough or what?????????

2. After passing the Paine VOR, i turn to the 339 course which i will then pass the outer marker for the ILS approach. When do i tune my radios. After i get on the 339 course outbound from the VOR or what?????

3. I land perfectly and she says "Since you crashed we are ending this flight. Now i read another forum with this problem too but they didnt say anything on how to avoid it.


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benney25 Guest

well i don't even know what that stuff means like vor whats that im a newbe to flight sim so what version of flight simulator are you using?

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Martin (Blake14) First Officer

that's weird because nothing happened to me, and I passed the checkride.
I'm sorry I can't be of further help 🙄

Ken B. Guest

Try This. It worked for me. Download the FS9 ATP Check Ride Walkthrough from the below web page.
Addressing your specific question > you must start your turns
early so the aircraft will roll out very near to the required radial.
The "Walkthrough" gives you all the info you'll need (and more). Most
likely it'll still take some practice to pass, butt don't give up.

Good luck,

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hinch Chief Captain

sounds like the flight one tutorial 'snce you are not concentrating we are ending this flight'

'what!!i'm doing EXACTLY as you said arrrgghhh!!'


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