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sparkash Guest

I have a rumble force joystick which has been working fine. However, ever since i re-installed fs2004, i am having difficulty keeping the plane straight. I'm using a cessna and when i increase the throtttle and the plane plane begins to move, it then veers off to the left or right at a pretty tight angle off the runway. This never happened before. The joystick is calibrated. I have installed the new patch. Is it this patch that could be causing the problem?

Please help

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What exactly did you do differently, and what are you complaining about?
First off, all single planes veer off due to torque. It is just like in a car, you hear about engine mounts beaking, it is due to the torque of the engine wanting to spin around in a circle. We contain it and try to turn it into forward thrust. So, why does the plane veer off, because a byproduct of trying to turn rotational torque into forward thrust is sideways push. Don't be concerned about, CONTROL it.

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hmm I downloaded a P51 from the downloads section of this site and either the torque is wayyy over set or I have a problem as I cannot control the swing on it at all.. even if I throttle off after a certain speed I end up going sideways across the grass dukes of hazzard style!

If i can control the torque my Spitfire outputs at +7 or 8 boost I should be able to handle the Mustang no problem 🙂

sparkash Guest

Jelami, i have been playing fs2004, for a whole year before i took it off and re-installed it with the patch. I had no problems before. Even in Medium Mode, the joystick is central yet the cessna will suddenly move about 90 degrees to the right or left and off the runway, and moving the joystick has no effect.

This is what i am complaining about.

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That has happened with me before. Try the following things:

Make sure auto pilot is OFF.

Go to Settings, Realism, and slide the P-Factor bar, and Torque bar all the way to the left.

Hope this helps.

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I have that prob too! hahah then I found out!! I NEED TO CALIBRATE the joystick!! 🙂

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