My Favorite Flight Simulators

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I thought i would post my life of flight sims, someone out there may be old enough to remember some of them:-

1. 1985 Fighter Pilot (ZX Spectrum)
2. 1986 Tommohawk (ZX Spectrum)
3. 1987 Nightgunner (ZX Spectrum)
4. 1988 F19 Stealth Fighter (ZX Spectrum)
5. 1989 Air Combat (ZX Spectrum)
6. 1990 F19 Stealth Fighter (Amiga)
7. 1994 Gunship (Amiga)
8. 1995 FS95 (PC)
9. 1998 FS98
10.2000 FS2000
11.2002 FS2002
12 2003 FS2004

There we have it, been Flight Simming for 20 years now!!! 😀

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RadarMan Chief Captain

1987? Air Warrior II Interactive Magic


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Zach (ranald) Captain

Have you tried x-plane 8 I seen some screnshots and the panels look better than fs9 and there scenery is nearly as good they are definitly catching up with msfs!!I have only ever played flight unlimited 2 (I love that sim still play it sometimes) and fs9.

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sonicninja First Officer

Umm... X-Plane8...........well im gonna give it a miss as i have spent so much money and time on downloads & addons for FS2004 Hack, making sure its all set up right with Graphics settings, AI Traffic, aircraft, scenery addons etc etc,.
I have finally got FS2004 running just the way I want it too Ha Ha , i really cant be bothered looking at starting all over again, not until FS2006 comes out anyway.

But....i have heard XPlane 8 has got good graphics but there would have to be alot more crumbs than that to drag me away from Microsofts table.

FS2004 Group Wave


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FS04 Group Wave


Rammstein& Poison Group Wave

Brooks and Dunn Censored Banned

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I started with Flight Simulator on the Sinclair ZX81 then games like Night Flight and Night Flight 2. Chuck Yeager's Flight Trainer was pretty good too.

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I've played a game on the Commodore 64 that was like a jet fighter game, anyone know what it was? It was liek 5 yesr ago

sorppy, i achtn toep todduy

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patw First Officer

For me I have done the following:

Fighter Pilot - ZX Spectrum
Tommohawk - ZX Spectrum
FS5.1 (still have software)
FS98 (still have software)
FS2000 (still have software)
FS2002 (still have software)

Computer games come and go but Flight Sim just gets better and as real as you want it to be.



I agree with you sonicninja no flight sim beets fs9 especially if you have a amazing computer.

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sonicninja First Officer

Chuck theres a game from the past on the ZX Spectrum, ooo how I miss those "See Through" graphics!!!!

I'd forgotten all about Poor Old Chucks Flight Sim, i had that one too

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