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Question about taxiing...

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HowardsRock First Officer

Hey everybody! I wonder if I could get some help regarding taxiing down the runway.

Is there any way to stabilize the plane during taxi and eliminate the "wobble" from side to side? I don't have a joystick...I use the keyboard.

Also, this occasionally happens at takeoff as well...I guess when the wind is blowing.

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Jared Captain

Well buddy let me say welcome to flyaway. My biggest suggestion for now is to get a joystick. You will eventually. I have the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro with a twist stick. I love it.

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HowardsRock First Officer

Thanks but that doesn't answer my question. I am broke and cannot afford a joystick right now. Is there away to do what I need to do with the keyboard?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Here are all the keyboard commands. Print them out (I did) and you'll always refer to them even when you can get a stick.


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WarHawk42 Captain

Flying the sim with the keyboard is difficult at best. Keep your taxi speed slow which makes it easier to taxi.


What wobble are you talking about?

I fly with the keyboard (and love it!), but don't have this problem... Is it a fast wobble, or are you drifting back and forth across the taxiway? Constant adjustement using the rudder (0 and Enter on my keypad!) keeps me going straight....


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