How do I get your rank up?

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How do you get your rank up from trainee?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

The number of posts that you have.

I may be guessing wrong.
50- First Officer
100 Captain
300-Chief Captain

I have the feeling that I missed one. ROFL


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Just to add the previous post from Rader man.

The posts must be sensibly, meaningful. relevant and useful in some way before it counts in the ranking .

Don't try to become a chief Captain in a day by posting crap all day.

An example of a crap post is this one I am writing now.

Forgive me 😀


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Anything you post is counted as a post. If I were to reply to this again, with a single letter, i'd get credited for another post.

Posting a single letter or something like that is obviously not the way to get a higher ranking, and you don't really get anything for it, besides respect if you've rose in the ranks by posting useful and meaningful information, as i have 😛 😎 😂 🙄

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