Logitech Wingman Problems

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I just purchased a Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D joystick. Installed it and I can't get more than 4 assignments from FS 2004. Is this a problem with FS 2004 or Logitech ? Neither company has answers on their web sites. Logitech doesn't even list 2004 in it's games yet.
Any help is appreciated.

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I just purchased a Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000....Problem im having is when I use Microsoft Netmeeting im getting an outer cropping and also the video streaming is choppy....I know that this is a driver issue and why is because I use to have the Intel Deluxe cam and I had the same problem....How I fixed that problem was I used the original driver from the CD and that done the trick...It was an older then the hills driver but hey if it works then it works....Got rid of the cropping and choppy stuff.

So now im in the same boat with this Logitech cam and im trying to find a driver to get rid of this problem....Anyone out there have this problem as well and have the fix for it? Would be like a god send to me as I use Netmeeting on a regular basis...Logitech has not got back to me yet so im thinking that thy dont have a driver to solve this problem so why I thought to post in here about it..

My OS is Windows 2000 Pro and bandwidth nor RAM is an issue..Have plenty of both.

By the way for your own curiosity , the Intel Deluxe cam is not suppose to work with Windows 2000 but with that driver change I mentioned it worked like a charm, so for all of you Intel Deluxe cam owners that want to use it on Windows 2000, change the driver to the driver from the original CD and you will have smooth full sized camming.

Hope to hear from one of you on a fix for my issue.

Thanks 🙂

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Logitech joysticks are pants. Simply get rid of it, and buy another.

I went through 3 of their last series (under warranty) due to jitter problems, and compounded by outdated drivers.


Hmmm 😳

I have a new Wingman FF and have just e-mailed Logitech as the stick shift violently back and forth as soon as FS2002 or CFS3 are started and I have to exit the game. It's a heavy stick and the noise is terrible. I have tried turning the FF strength right down which helps and now it just pushes forward and sends me into the ground. Still, it's a quick death.

The latest drivers are installed and I have tried installing the stick in different ways but with the same results.

Any attempt to move the stick around is met by a grating resitance and motor squeal. Not a nice experience.

The first stick arrived without it's power pack and this one is now causing me this problem. If they don't sort it it's going back for a refund.

Shame, as the Logitech keyboard and mouse I have are really nice products.

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i have a rather old logitech wingman force feed back. i'm having a few problems with my driver and the butmunchies Twisted Evil at logitech nolonger make the driver for the joystick. Sholud i upgrade and what to when your on a tight budget Crying or Very sad
i also have the same problem of the stick reacting violently to some games

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