New joystick time?

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i have a rather old logitech wingman force feed back. i'm having a few problems with my driver and the butmunchies at logitech nolonger make the driver for the joystick. Sholud i upgrade and what to when your on a tight budget
i also have the same problem of the stick reacting violently to some games

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Idea Some of the older sticks aren't working to well in Windows XP.
Just a guess but I think MS's Sidewinder is probably the cheapest out there.
I'm using the USB one not Force feedback
If I remember correctly it cost me $40 last summer. I don't think that it's still available but the FF one should be.
If you search a little you may be able to find one like mine.
Good hunting. 👍


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😀 Hello I use the non F/F usb sidewinder also on XP
As RadarMan has said a lot of the older j/sticks do seem to be a problem with XP
The only advice I can give is buy the best one you can afford and make sure its compatable with XP.

Anybody got a good one running under XP ❓ ❓

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It is quite sad that the word "logitech" brings an association of nightmare in my counselling sessions...

I had 3 of their wingman devices fail on me in succession. The 4th is on the tip.

The company doesn't engineer, nor support its products in a manner I would expect. I will not buy from them again.

There are many other better engineered, and supported sticks out there, just do a search.

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There is another way with XP. XP users with old drivers/devices should click on Start - Programs - Accessories - and use the Compatability Wizard. The Compatability Wizard can emulate Win95, WinNT and other older versions of the Windows operating system. Give it a try.

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Ian Stephens is an expert on this topic. Read his bio here.

I posted an article here reviewing some great joysticks:

Feel free to comment on the article over there.

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