How do you take pictures of fs during flight?

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How do you take pictures of fs during flight? What programs or add ons can you use?

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Get ScreenHunter 4.0 Free. Follow the directions, I use it and like it, very simple.


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I use FSScreen. Very cool program and just hit Print Screen and it saves your screen and puts it in a file.

Click Here[/url]

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I also use FSScreen as it is compact and does the job. When you install it, just put the program in the same directory that you want your screen shots to be saved to. Start FSScreen up and then run flight simulator. When you are in your flight and want to take a shot, my recommendation is to press 'P' to pause FS, then press 'S' to cycle to the view you want (and then '-' or '+' to zoom in and out), then just press 'Prt Scr' to save the shot. You can save as many as 1000 shots before any will be overwritten. Your screen shots will be saved into the folder you placed the FSScreen program, and they will be sequentially numbered .BMP files. You just need to convert to .JPG and you're all set. 😉

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Hit "ALT" and "Print Screen" together. Minimize FS. Open "Paint" under "Accessories". Click "Edit" and then "Paste" in the drop down Edit Menu. Now you can save it as a jpg or whatever, in whatever folder you want.
I do this in "Spot Plane" mode to show the aircraft that I am flying.
Now if I could just figure out how to post one of those pics here...

SoCalRick Guest

I wanted to add a couple of things to my previous post:

1. If you have a Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard, then be sure you do not have the FLock engaged when you press PrtScn or nothing will happen.

2. If you don't have a decent photo editing program, download the demo version of Paint Shop Pro for high-quality images. Here's a link:

3. Sign up with a free hosting service like You will then upload your images to Photobucket, and use the "Img" tag here to place the photo in your post.

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