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Leeham Guest

Hi, i havnt got fs2k4 yet but i am wen i get my new computer!!! (i cant wait!!!)

One of my life goals is too become a pilot, despite the cost of around £20,000 just to fly a commercial 'liner however i am only 14 and it is a long long way away, so FS200# series gives me and anyone else who plays a great taste (it being THE GREATEST sim 'n all) but, in FS2k2 (before i messed the disk up!) i had serious problems (actually i had problems which i recently over come in a less good sim) taxiing...mainly getting the right "air"speed and staying on the link/concrete, especially on corners or holding short of the active runway (crossing of waiting for traffic to clear) in the right place. So can someone tell me how to taxi successfully in advance? for light and heavy aircraft please.
Thanks in advance


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Hobo200 Guest

I have the same goal as you bruv. I want to be a pilot too. im 16 now and im goin for my private pilot lessons soon.
anyway i have FS2004 and i find the the easiest way to taxi is to use just enough throtle to get the wheels moving. you will soon start to spped up. also if your still having difficulty, change your view to 'SPOT' it helps alot when your flying boeings, etc. Are you using a Joystick??

Leeham Guest

Hey hobo, how much is it costing you for private? i hear from another forum that commercial liners are around £40,000, but first i read it was 20k...oh well, im really really desperate to fly so im sticking with my goal if it kills me!!!!

Anyway, ill take notes for when i get my comp and fs2k4, but ill practice on the older game io have.

Thanks for advice.


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An easier way to taxi around an airport is to set your auto pilot ground speed to around 17, apply a little throttle and as the aircraft start rolling engaged the auto pilot. this way your speed will not go any higher than 17, also when you apply the brakes to turn it will auto increase but again only as fast ad you set speed. don't forget to reset before you line up for take off, as you won't get off the ground at that speed. It works well for me.

Good luck

Leeham Guest

Is this brake wheel(or air)(i mean the one that turns you) or normal brake?

On the old one, flight unlimited 2 (my first ever sim) its the wheel/air brake to turn on ground, and i found around 14-16"air"speed got me going, with a slight increas to about 19 i think, but needed more for the harder corners/turns

Leeham Guest

sorry if it didnt make sense


wheel brakes, to slow you down when you are on the ground. Whatever ground speed you set on the auto pilot your aircraft will stick to that speed once you activate the auto pilot.


Don't forget if the speed is too high, it will take the corners too fast and out of control.

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Well in that case set you auto pilot taxi speed to 20, then you can apply the brakes when required to slow down. And at least you won't hit another aircraft from behind as they will also be doing the sane speed.

I have been using Flight Sim since the days of FS5 and have only found out about this method back in December.

Learn something new with FS all the time !


Leeham Guest

Thanks for the great advice! im gonna write this down when i get a pen, so how do i turn auto pilot on? On FS2k2 i thought there was one but i couldnt find it...
Thanks again


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I think the point of the sim is to be as accurate as possible to real flight situations. You should really get to know your controls. Use the throttle and break to achieve a general speed of 15. Use the break and throttle to go around corners at a modest rate.

Real pilots don't use the auto pilot on the ground. Yes, it will work, but no, it is not the right way of doing things.

Most people just hate to take the tedious work of the throttle and break to get down to the end of the runway. Patience, grasshopper. 😂

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