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A small proggy that helps with all the arrival clogging at busy airports.

Downloaded it a few day's ago and gave it a whizz. Seems to work OK as it drastically reduces the go-arounds that your AI do.

Here's the discription

"AISmooth will monitor AI traffic around your airport and avoid multiple planes arriving at the same time, thus reducing go-arounds drastically. Excessive traffic will be sent into holding patterns and be released to landing in due time. Simple installation"

Available from AVSIM search for aismooth.

See what you think but don't the messenger.

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I logged on just to tell you all about this AI Smooth software that I found few days back, but Sylvan beat me to it. It works very well, no more 'go around' from ATC. 4 time I approached London Heathrow with UT set to max and each time I got a clear landing. I can't understand why Microsoft did not come up with this solution.

BashDaBish Guest

Perhaps because Go-Arounds happen in real-life life and this is a simulator? 😛

P.S. I downloaded it to as Go-Arounds are a pain.....I don't mind one Go-Around but 5 at Schipol was annoying! Especially when one of them was for a 737 allowed onto the runway when I was at 150ft and another because it allowed 2 cessna's on the same approach as me. They were doing 80KIAS and slightly above the glidepath, I was doing 147KIAS and dead centre in the glidepath.......I went under them and passed them with about 4nm to go. Once again, just when I could smell the runway, ATC called a Go-Around becuase of these two Cessna's a couple of nm's behind me!

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