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News: JustFlight claims to know when FS2006 will release!

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SoCalRick First Officer

Whether JustFlight is actually in the know or not, this is an interesting item from their web site:

What do you think...biased propaganda or inside information about FS2006?

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Barge First Officer

I buy a lot of addons from JustFlight and their announcements of new releases are nearly always correct to within about 1 or 2 weeks.

So i'd say they know when FS10 is coming out...

Guest Ed Guest

But I don't think the author of that report knows what "de facto" means. 🙄


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Zach (ranald) Captain

Its not coming out soon! 😕 I was looking forward to it coming out Crying or Very sad

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RadarMan Chief Captain

How interesting. I was wondering if they would put it out this year after going to the trouble of making a patch to keep us happy.
All the products that were made for FS9 have another year of sales, how fortunate for them.
It looks as if it will be in 64 bit because "Longhorn" is coming out then also.
It'll be on a DVD, bloated and better be amazing.
Now the only thing we have to think it true. Dont Know


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tomthetank Chief Captain

Umm... From what I have read about Longhorn,its another bloatware product Crying or Very sad
Now why would they hold back untill 2006? Could it be because its going to be extra special.....needing some pretty serious hardware to handle it?

Could it be that it will only run well on a 64bit PC,with L/horn?(which is rumoured to be superfast on a 64bit but s l o w on older PCs)

PS if youve got a 64bit check out a new post from me in the General Section(it might make you smile 😉 )

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