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I asked this question in another thread, but it was buried way down in an totally unrelated topic, so you may have missed it:

If you were to walk into a bar in the friendly city of Newcastle and order a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale, how much would that pint cost? I only ask because Newcastle Brown Ale is widely available in the Los Angeles area, but a price which makes me feel like I should hear angels sing every time I take a sip. 😂

So I'd like to be able to say to my friendly local bartender, "Bloody 'ell, man, in Newcastle this would sell for 5 farthings and an ha'penny (or whatever it is)!!"

If you're the type who would never ever go into a bar and order beer, or are insulted that I would suggest such a thing, please forgive me. 😉



PS Sometimes I do get the angels singing effect, but not until I've had a few. . .

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I'm not insulted, mate!

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

😂 😂 😂 😂 Nice one Ed...

Not insulted at all ..... in fact it was my regular drink for years but I moved over to Vodka about 5 years ago to try and slightly slow down the brain cell liquidation effect 😂

Well at my very own 'local' a bottle of the very same "Newcy Broon" would cost 2.50 which I guess would be about $4.10 in your pennies.

Let us know how that compares ............ 😛

If you want to be a real NBA drinker then the 'proper' way of drinking it is out of a HALF PINT GLASS (surprises a lot of people, as sounds quite girly)... regularly topping the glass up from the bottle.

Well if you're ever in the wonderful North East (of England) I'd be proud to get you one in ! 😉

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Oh, well, I guess I'm not as unhappy as I thought-- you don't say how large of a bottle you're getting for 2.50, here are the prices I found in restaurants around Pasadena, California today:

One pint draft (draught?) = $5.00, or 3.05

12 ounce bottle = $4.00 or 2.44

24 ounce bottle = $5.08 or 3.10

I saw it in the grocery store for about $10.00 (~6.00) for a six-pack of 12 ounce bottles; I guess that's about the best price around, but there's no friendly barmaid at my house to tell me jokes while I drink it. 😉

$5.00 for a pint seemed a bit steep, I guess it's not that bad.

Thank you for aiding me in this important research!! 😂


PS: I checked to see that these bottles are actually imported from England, not brewed here "under license." I went to a Japanese restaurant recently, ordered a Kirin Ichi Ban, and learned that it was brewed in Los Angeles! And they charge extra for "Japanese beer." Mad

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And thanks for the invitation, I'd be happy to hoist a Newcy Broon with you some day!


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

The prices aren't too bad by UK standard but we are absolutely crippled by taxes in this country, so we kind of expect booze, cigarrettes and other 'treats' (such as fuel, yeah right that's a treat!)... to cost a fortune.

It's the 12 ounce bottles that you'd be getting over here for the price above so not bad.... Dunno what you think but I'd always body swerve the draft stuff in favour of the bottles as NBA is not supposed to get much air to it while it's sitting waiting to be swigged ! 😉

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