Saitek stearing to the left

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I have purchased the Saitek force feedback Joystick, I installed the software as described and plugen in the joystick when instructed. setup the told me it was complete and calibration was not required, but each time I taxi and take off the aircraft turns to the left, in the control panel the centre cross is not in the centre but I don't have the option to calibrate it. any helpers out there ??

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srg123cohen Guest

Sorry about your problem there is probably a nob turned that controls the rudder check and make sure all dials are centered

Mav069 Guest

I'm having the same problem! I installed the software as recommended, and everything is running fine (drivers, profile launcher, etc.), EXCEPT I can't calibrate the joystick, and it is not centered, and steering to the left. What nob are you talking about? How do I do to center all dials? And I think the problem is concerning Y axis and not rudder "axis". Anyone found out the solution?

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Go to Control panel, game/joysticks.

Click on properties, and calibrate the stick as directed.

mav069 Guest

The problem is that Saitek drivers don't allow manual calibration. The joystick is "self-calibrated" according them. So if it is "self-miscalibrated", like it is, (prone to the left), I can do nothing to solve.

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I have a Saitek controller Also. The way to fix this is to move the stick to its limits in all directions, the same as the rudder and throttle - move them about their axis and take them to the limits in all directions. Then fly the craft! Let me know how you get on.

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Idea I just found this, see if it applies to you.

Read Stopping your aircraft veering to the left
Disable your joystick. Use the arrow keys and hit the 5 key to center the stick. Save the flight as your default. Exit FS. Restart FS and confirm that using the keyboard that the problem is gone, then re-enable your joystick.

Somehow the settings will get stuck for the joystick and it will not re-center. By using the keys you can make the problem go away and when you restart it will be gone. Reactivating the joystick will then put you back in business with the joystick centered.

Good luck and let us know how it works out.


mav069 Guest

This procedure, I think can be valid for FS (disabling the joystick, playing with the keyboard, centering with the 5 key, etc,etc,etc...), but what about for the rest of simulators?.

mav069 Guest

Regarding moving the stick in all directions, I did it already, but in the end, the stick remains not centered. Crying or Very sad

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What saitek stick do you have exaclty? I have the Saitek Cyborg Force 3d. I can suggest updating the drivers if you have not done so already? Here's the link:
... woops, the Saitek USA server is undergoing 'maintenence'... typical. When it comes back online, you can get them from here:

Also, are you running the Saitek Smart Technology Programming software (SSTPS)? If so, uninstall it or disable it and try again.

mav069 Guest

I have a Cyborg 3D Rumble. I've already downloaded the XP drivers, installed, and as told, everything is running fine, BUT the joystick doesn't remain centered. I've found a site, Ron Hunt's Unofficial Saitek Help, where they give some tips about solving this problem, and the closest to the solution, was the following:
1 - Use Nuke USB and de-install the driver.
2 - Unplug the stick.
3 - Plug again.
4 - Go to Control Panel, and so calibrate the stick (it allows the calibration, because it is using the Windows drivers, and not the Saitek ones).
5 - Test it. (And the stick is really centered!!!!!)
6 - Re-install the Saitek drivers (And everything returns to th zero point, I can't calibrate anymore, and the stick is again not centered!!!).

So you can ask: why don't you stay with the Windows drivers?
Answer: because the Force Feedback doesn't work!!!

I'm starting to regret why I didn't buy a Microsoft stick. The Saitek site is very poorly organized, the drivers available to download are old (2002/2003), and that's a signal they don't care very much about consumers of their product. I've sent a letter to people from their support a week ago, and I didn't have any answer until now! I reserched in the Net. and I've found a lot of people regreting the same problem, meaning this probably is a driver problem! What are they expecting to upgrade their drivers? A lot of things changed since their last driver atualization.
I think they're a promise that won't go further. If you want some good Force Feedback stick go to Microsoft! If you want some good flight controllers go to Thrustmaster. That's what I found out after three weeks of disappointment, trying to do this s#%^& operational.

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The only cure I have found for this is to set the trim a little to the right, it works well with all aircraft except the Learjet which is over sensative with a joystick. But no problem with any of the others including the 747, so I am happy

mav069 Guest

I joined today the Official Saitek Forum, and I was surprised by the number of people complaining about this same problem (left bias) in their products. Definitely, I am convinced that Saitek has a software problem (may be a conflict or something related), and after 2 years (you've read correctly; 2 years!), they didn't released any solution of this problem. There are 4 pages of complaints of this specific problem, and the only thing Saitek recommend (several times) is: "go to the seller and ask him to change the product"!!! Impressive!!! Or they are sure this is a serious problem they don't know how to solve, or they think the percentage of complaints is too low to make them work on the problem! Anyway, I am quitting Saitek, and going to Microsoft (Force Feedback). I hope my hopeless crusade alert all of you about Saitek. It's cheaper, but this is not an excuse for not working properly!

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Saitek stearing to the left:

Switch off auto rudder will stop your aircraft stearing to the left.

Happy flying/stearing !

Geordan Guest

If you have windows xp, run windows update and download the latest saitek driver. It fixes everything.


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I have a Saitek ST290 joystick. In FS2004 I click on "settings" and then click on "calibrate joystick". Then I go through the whole calibrate process. I do not have that "steer to the left" problem. 😛

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