Interment Check Ride - How do I enter Holding Pattern?


I have flew the check ride 20 times and have tried every way I know how to enter the holding pattern yet that instructor keeps failing me.

After I do my initial climb out after go around to 2100 feet I pass the outer marker and turn left to 160 as I am directed and continue my climb to 3000.

I am asked to fly direct to SEA NDB so I tune the VOR to find the radial I am on. I them proceed to overfly the NDB on that course (usuall 150 degree radial inbound)

After crossing NDB I attempt to enter holding pattern. I have tried to enter hold on 140 degree radial by doing a parallel entry using 320 as my OBS setting. I have also tried a direct entry using 140 on OBS. I didn't try a tear drop entry yet. I would use 140 OBS on VOR in that case also. All holds were attempted with standard right turns.

What does this instructor want me to do? Hell I'll fly it all upside down if she would just tell me what she wants! 🙂

Thanx for the help


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OOPS not NDB I mean the VOR



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Good info,...was havin trouble with this one myself. I like how she stays quiet for half the flight, and ya think your doing well, then she lists off the millions ( for me ) of things i did wrong in the flight 😞

Thanks for the link

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